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I’ve seen a lot of business owners post on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms expressing how sad they are because they’re STRUGGLING to make sales.

If this is you, then listen up (I’m going to be brutally honest so be prepared!)

As I’ve seen these posts, I’ve taken it upon myself to browse through your social media and do a quick audit.

There’s ONE mistake I’ve noticed that you’re all making…

You’re not connecting to your audience.

How do I know this? Because you are:

· Uploading content that doesn’t directly address your audience
· Not communicating your why and brand values through your marketing efforts
· Focusing too hard on trying to sell your product and only your product.

This tells me (and even your audience) that:

· You have no real idea of not only who your target audience are, but your dream/ideal clients and customers too
· You’re focused more on just selling your product as opposed to focusing on the problem your product is solving and who you’re solving this problem for
· You’ve skipped crucial steps in building your brand that would guide you on how to connect and communicate with your audience.

So, what changes when you actually connect to your audience?

Your brand presence. Your sales. Your confidence.

And all for the better.

When you connect with your audience, you understand them, and they understand you.

This means you understand their struggles, the problems they’re facing and how to help them and they understand how you can help them, why you’re the best brand to help them and why you should be trusted.

Once you’ve established this relationship, offering your product to your audience becomes lightwork. Bye bye sadness.

If you’ve gotten to this part of this post, I know you’re waiting to find out how you can connect to your audience to grow your brand and boost those sales. So, let me share with you.

You need to:

· Really uncover your brand and your ‘why’. Why do you do what you do? Who do you do it for? Why’s it is important for people to choose you over your competitors?

· Identify your target audience and ideal customers/ clients to a T. Who are your target audience? Where will you find them? What are their buying behaviours? Their lifestyle? What communication styles work best with them?

· Plan and strategise. You’ve identified your goals so, what steps do you need to take to achieve them? What will drive your brand to success? How will you utilise different touchpoints and social media channels to increase brand awareness and achieve other goals?

And ONE more thing:

You need to follow and connect with me so you don’t miss any more gems where I teach you how to grow your brand.

If you would like to know more about how you can connect to your audience to grow your brand, submit an enquiry today.

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