Building a bridge and forming a connection to your audience is crucial for brand growth and success.

Think about music.

How many times have you listened to a song that you can relate to and you’ve fallen in love with the song? The album? The artist? It’s because you’ve connected to their message and their story. Once you’ve connected to them, you fall in love with them. You start following them on social media, sharing their music with your friends and you buy tickets to their concerts!

It’s the same with your brand. If a client/ customer can connect to your messaging, your values, your story and more, then they’ll fall in love with your brand. They’ll start investing into your brand, become a loyal client/ customer and they’ll even recommend you to their friends and colleagues.

So how do you form that connection?

I can tell you👇🏾

🌟 Tell your story. Tell us why your brand exists; its purpose and who it’s there to serve. Why is your brand important to your industry? Why is your brand important to your audience? Why should people choose you over the competition? What’s so unique about your brand?

🌟Establish your brand voice. This is an extension of your brand’s personality aside from the messaging and visuals. How do you sound to your audience? If you’re positioning yourself as a friendly professional within your industry, do you actually sound like a friendly professional within your industry? What type of language are you using? How are you addressing your audience?

🌟 Be consistent. Let your audience know that you are there for them and you’re there to stay. Being consistent doesn’t mean posting a piece of content every day, it may be just once a week, but either way you need to be consistent. If someone kept disappearing on you, would you trust them?

Once you’ve got these 3 things down, you’ll be well on your way to building that bridge that connects your audience to your brand, which is crucial in fuelling your brand growth.

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